Friday, December 02, 2005

too tragic for snark

Roadside Bomb Kills 10 Marines in Iraq

We have got to get our soldiers and saliors out of Iraq.
Tipsy McSwagger's little speech the other day did nothing.
Bring our troops home now.


t said...

Troops will never come out under the Bush administration. He will insist we "stay (his) course". If HE were to pull them out, Iraq will go through Civil War...which is why we shouldn't have ever gone in the first place.
If he waits for the NEXT administration to pull out the troops - and Civil War results - he can say they should've kept them in like he did and they would've eventually been victorious. I'm telling you, he has his bases covered with bullsh*t.
If we pull out now, at least no more of our troops will die or suffer horrific dismemberment.
Going in was ALWAYS a no-win scenerio.

shayera said...