Monday, December 19, 2005


Guess what?!
All the decorations are back up. And I do mean all of them.
I know you'll be shocked to hear that the Catholic League woman was talking out of her ass.
I spoke with my supervisor. The only things we are prohibited from having is religious symbols. So if I had a nativity scene or a menorrah with a Star of David on it, they would have to come down. But a menorrah without a Star is allowed. And that's what we had.
And crazy lady hasn't bothered to call my supervisor to complain about me.


t said...

Bravo !!!!
That's great news!
Not too many things infuriate me, but intolerance is one of them.
And she went out of her way
to make trouble!

shayera said...

Especially since I've never seen her in the branch.
And she never did call my supervisor.

ntodd said...

This was the weirdest battle in the War on Xmas. Glad you won.