Friday, December 02, 2005

what a great example of xenophobia

Bedbug boom blamed on increased foreign travel

Yeah, sure, it's "travel abroad" that's brought a surge in the bedbug population. I think Atrios pointed out earlier this week that this is a complete nonstory. The so called bedbug invasion was defeated over 2 years ago. But the story is a great way for the xenophobic to say "don't travel to foreign counties!".


Demeur said...

Not related to the bed bug issue, I came across this article I know you'll just love. The Air Force guide to spotting a terrorist:

t said...

Well, at least I can use this as an excuse not to travel to another country and the people who believed that will think I'm snobby and hip.
In reality, I can't afford it.

shayera said...

What are they trying to imply with that article? Are they trying to say that "foreigners" are dirty? That artile just really angered me.