Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gods, he is such a liar!

Bush doesn't remember Abramoff meetings

McStagger is such a bastard.
I'm completely sure he can't remember a guy who raised over $100000 for him. /sarcasm
So, Jack, are you willing to be thrown to the wolves by the party you've supported your whole life? By the guys who's pockets you greased?


t said...

Abramoff was so big in the lobbyist world that I have no doubt when he and Bush met the first time, they were formally introduced.
He and Abramoff may even be good friends.
But if they aren't and Bush felt Abramoff wasn't important enough to remember him, I'm sure Bush was reminded of all the times they met whenever Abramoff's name was brought up for any reason.
That's just the way things happen.

Chuck said...

I've got a non-touched photo of them together on my blog.