Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

A year already. This is from last year. Once the new pictures go up, I'll put up a new one. Posted by Picasa


t said...

Awww, nice photo. How old is he here, a few weeks?
It's nice to see photos of him again. It's been a while since you posted any.

shayera said...

Actually, he was 2 days old when the picture was taken. That was his going home outfit.
My brother ans sister in law have been in the process of moving since November, so no new photos. But soon!
He's a real doll. 8 teeth, close to walking, lots of fun.

Chuck said...

There's nothing better on this planet.

t said...

Chuck, if you haven't seen any recent pictures of him...stay tuned.
He's really cute and very photogenic!

Demeur said...

Watch out! They grow up very fast. You'll turn around and the next thing you know he's graduating from high school. I only hope we can get a better life for him than what's going on now.

shayera said...

I see changes in him almost everytime I go over. And for the last two months, that's been almost every week. He hit another milestone around the new year: his carseat was faced forward. Which makes ticking his toes in the car so much easier. I'm thinking that my digital camera purchase is going to move up on my frivilous purchase list.