Monday, January 09, 2006

I honestly think George is insane.

Bush: Tax cuts must be permanent

What on earth is he talking about? Booming economy? Where?!?Anybody out there being buried in scads of money? George lives in some sort of rose colored world. Preventing him from seeing any sort of reality.


Demeur said...

Maybe he's back on the drugs

t said...

I just heard the Iraq war is expected to top $2 TRILLION when the total is tallied.
Does even the sorriest-ass Bush supporter think this was worth $2 trillion?
Bush says "Why NOT make the tax cuts permanent? I'm not gonna be the president that's gonna pay for this!"

shayera said...

he did no planning what so ever for this war. in my opinion. i mean, his ideas seemed absurd at the time, but as time progresses, it seems even worse.

where are these trillions of dollars supposed to come from?
i just saw a news report that says that george soros is forseeing a recession fro 2007. i wouldn't be at all surprised. the bubble's not just going to pop, it's going to explode with a great deal of force.

drugs would definately be an explanation.