Monday, January 16, 2006

I know you don't need me to point this out.

In Martin Luther King Day address, Gore compares wiretapping of Americans to surveillance of Martin Luther King

I would vote for Al Gore any day. And I still firmly believe that he was cheated out of the presidency in 2000. Here's the text of the speech he gave today. Remember when we actually had a president who was able to speak in complete sentences and told actual thoughts and ideas in his head? I really miss those days.


t said...

I would vote for Al Gore any day, too.
But I saw video of him delivering his speech. Even though he'd raise his voice when he showed shock at Bush's illegal surveillance, he never seemed really angry...and he should've been. This is nothing new...this is just the way Al Gore delivers speeches. It's his style. It's why editorial cartoonists portray him as being made of granite. And I believe he would've had a clear majority in 2000 if his speaking tone was more forceful and he showed some passion. We wouldn't be in Iraq spending $2 trillion and 9/11 possibly wouldn't have happened.

If Al Gore ever runs for president again
- as I hope and pray he will -
he needs fire in his belly.
He needs to get angry and show it in interviews, speeches and debates.

Demeur said...

t According to Air America he did win the 2000 election by 16000 votes. That is what they discovered. A voting machine error gave Bush those votes. I have to agree with you he would make a good president, but only if we throw those other crooked Renobs our of congress.

shayera said...

This week has been pretty interesting. Gore, Clinton, Reid and Kerry. And then Gore saying that Abu Gonzales was, metaphorically, full of it. Now as long as nobody backs down from their comments I'll be happy.

t said...

Actually, I meant a clear majority by the time election night was over.
They determined Gore won by 16,000 votes in Florida? I know he won the national popular vote by almost 550,000.