Tuesday, January 10, 2006

oh my god

Babysitters jailed for raping baby

This is horrifying and disgusting on so many levels. These evil people raped a 12 week old baby! Twelve weeks! What on earth could have possibly been going on in his head? I mean, it's obvious he has problems, considering he's a 40 year old man dating a 19 year old. And then to have also raped a 14 year old little girl as well.
I am beyond horrified by this report.
I am glad to see that he's been sentenced to life in jail for this.


t said...

That's horrible.
It seems to have happened in Britain, correct?
And I couldn't tell if the baby was going to be OK...physically OK, anyway.
My ideas are generally viewed by most people as being quite liberal. But I've known for as long as I can remember the difference between right and wrong. If I do, so do other adults. When I read about stuff like this, my heart just goes out to the victim and I can't help but feel what it must've been like. For these reasons, I do believe there's some crimes that call for the death penalty. If this child would've died, it's not fair he should keep his life.
The jail sentence he got is too light for him. It should've been more mandatory years instead of 12.

doc-t said...

OMG what?? how?? sigh.. can't find the words. a precious little THREE MONTH OLD BABY GIRL that cant even crawl..

yes... life in prison... I would have preferred something more harsh but i'm not a very compassionate person... at least he's been removed from the gene pool...

his 19 year old lover and accomplice however.... if you're not going to eliminate her or put her in prison for life could you at least sterilize her so she doesnt procreate and mess up the gene pool?

shayera said...

This was a purely evil act. I can't even begin to conceive how bent and twisted this guys mind must be.
And from what I can tell, the mother really had no idea something this horrible had happened. Can you image what the stae of her mind must be now?

doc-t, I agree with you. Both of these two should forever be remeoved from the gene pool.
t, I agree with you about the sentancing lightness as well. Actually, I think they should render his penis useless for anything except urination.

t said...

shayera, they'll have to cut it off then, because even if they castrate him and the thoughts are still there he can still get a penile implant later so he can get erections again.

shayera said...

t- i'm okay with that.

Chuck said...

Every time you think you've seen and/or heard it all, you haven't.

We're on the express elevator folks.

Sure there's still good people out there. We are, aren't we? But the good are far outnumbered these days, imo. I've got no problem if someone disagrees with that. Its just what I see.