Tuesday, January 17, 2006

this is going to get worse as well.

Within 7 Months, 3 Sept. 11 Workers Die

Chimpy McStagger told these poor guys that the air they were breathing down at Ground Zero was safe. How could they forget that he's never told the truth?


t said...

This is really sad.
The day of 9/11 when I saw all the dust created from the buildings' collapse, I wondered about this happening. It wasn't only dust from asbestos and other construction/insulation materials. One guy who died had high levels of mercury in his brain, they said. Most of the rooms were offices, but did some rooms contain highly toxic materials?
I suppose there's a possibility this man was exposed to mercury at some other time and place in his life. But it pretty much points to 9/11.

Anonymous said...

"Pretty much points to 9/11"?

That's pretty damning evidence. Try taking a look at mortality and death rate statistics, then maybe you can voice an informed opinion.

shayera said...

Have some balls to actually identify yourself.
And my opinion's pretty damn informed. As are the people who comment hear and actually identify themselves as real people.

t said...

Mr. I'm-too-much-of-a-coward-to-identify-myself needs to read the story first before he reads any comments about it.

Demeur said...

Think I can give you an informed opinion as that is what I do for a living. The mercury he was exposed to was the result of the hundreds of thousands of florescent lights in the building. Combine that with the fact that the building was on fire hence increased the exposure of all the toxins to anyone in the area and the results were tragic. I was told just after 911 that Sloan Kettering has an entire wing of people from the site with diseases they haven't even named yet.
Exposures for this included: Asbestos, Lead, Jet fuel, silica, fiber glass, hydralic fluid, and numerous toxic gasses from burning materials just to name a few.
By the way the EPA was told to keep its mouth shut about this just after it happened. The workers who built the twin towers and those of us in the know already knew.

Chuck said...

It's something I hadn't even considered. Thanks for the info. guys. Sad.

t said...

Oh my God, that's awful.
I hadn't considered the fluorescent lights either.
Thanks, Demeur.

shayera said...

Thank you for sharing that. Simple logic would point out that breathing any particles are unhealthy, but your skills have added an extra level of knowledge.