Thursday, January 12, 2006

this is just cool

Researcher: Early Man Was Hunted by Birds

I mean, that fact that research has been able to discover what happened. Not the actual hunting part.
It wasn't only the beasts that early man had to watch out for, it was the birds as well.


t said...

That's pretty gruesome though, to have some huge powerful talons grab your skull and break it enough to kill you.
That's chilling!

shayera said...

yes, it's terribly gruesome. but i find it amazingly fascinating to imagine how hard our ancient ancestors had it.
we've evolved. but birds were pretty set even back then. they've only gotten smaller.

t said...

I wonder if birds have evolved as well.
Today's birds can be trained, even taught how to mimic human speech - a parrot, for example.
I wonder if a person could've trained any kind of bird millions of years ago?

Chuck said...

Birds are the last of the dinosaurs. Talk about longevity. They'll probably still be around long after the flash of homosapien's quick existence is a distant memory (for someone or something).