Sunday, January 15, 2006

what on earth is wrong with these people?

Fla. Teens Surrender in Homeless Beatings

What on earth were they thinking? What sort of parents and upbringing do they have?
It would never enter my mind, nor the minds of my friends, to go out and beat upon anyone. Much less a homeless person.
Did they think it was some sort of fun thing?
I hope they get years and years in jail.


t said...

This is so bizarre and there's so many unanswered questions.

There's been over a hundred beatings of homeless people in Ft. Lauderdale since 2004, resulting in 25 deaths. Did these same kids cause some, or all, of these beatings and deaths?
When did they start? How did the whole topic of discussion come about in their little group to start doing this? "Ehhh, lets have some fun. Their homeless. No one cares about them anyway." Or was it more like "We have all this school work to do and they don't have to do anything. They don't have to worry about nothin'!"
So, was it jealousy?
And their parents and lawyers "negotiated" the kids' surrender. Negotiated? What kind of negotiations took place and why was it negotiated?

shayera said...

There was a similar story about some rich guys doing basically the same thing in England over the weekend.
I just can't begin to bend my mind around the mindset that says to these people, "hey let's go out and beat up some homeless guys."