Monday, February 06, 2006

but it's a bipartisan scandal!

Abramoff's grand aims came early

I found this linked on Blah3.
And the money quote is:

''Our job," Abramoff wrote, ''is to remove liberals ''from power permanently -- [from] student newspaper and radio stations, student governments, and academia.

''We are replacing these leftists with committed conservatives."

A lifelong Republican who never gave one red cent to Democrats and worked to make sure that the Democratic Party remained in the minority is now supposedly a "bipartisan scandal". Just because his clients gave to Democrats doesn't mean that they were corrupt.


Demeur said...

You did hear what Jeb Bush is doing in Fla. According to the FBI he's illegally destroying state documents with anything to do with Abramoff and the casinoes.

shayera said...

Yup, Jeb's a shredder.
I curse that entire family, I tell you. Boils and sores for the whole group.