Friday, February 17, 2006

carry on

U.S. airlines mishandle 9,700 bags a day

I am not a good packer. Last year when I went to NY for 10 days, I took a packed suitcase. It was a pest to carry. And imagine taking it onto the subway. Although, a very nice man did carry it up the steps at the station for me.
In October I visited my parents for a week. And I took 1 carry on rolling case. With space to spare. When I go to Washington in May, I'm taking the same case.
I'm doing my best to not check in baggage any more.
I watched how the agents handled my bag when I went to NY. No thanks. If it doesn't fit, I don't need it.


Demeur said...

Interesting to note that many of the airlines have outsourced their bagage handlers. The pay for this position was cut in half. Haven't checked the facts on this, but I hear some of the replacements are gang members. Doesn't that just make you feel secure.

shayera said...

These days, the electronic check in is the best part of the trip. That's why I try and make sure that I have nothing unusual during a trip. flip flops, 1 carry on, no extra electronic equipment, id at the ready, arrive early. Got it all down pat.