Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney needs to resign

Hunter Shot by Cheney Has Heart Attack

Okay, sure I say that all tthe time. But this grows more and more horrible by the moment.
How can he be allowed to just walk away with no sort of consequence?
He hasn't even bothered to make a public apology. And Cheney owes that at the very least.


Demeur said...

According to CBS Cheney did not have a hunting permit and was cited, however I can't find the hard copy on this as it has been removed from Google news. There is the report from the Game Warden:


What I'm wondering is if they were drinking around the time this happened hence the 24 hour wait before reporting it.

t said...

Demeur, you're really on the ball.
I never thought of that, drinking while they were hunting.

shayera said...

I think the Smoking Gun has a copy of the citation on the website. Turns out, Mrs. Armstrong was in a car 100 yards away from where the shooting was going on. So she really has no eyewitness knowledge of what happened.
I'm think there was, so sure, alcohol involved in the situation. No doubt in my mind at all.