Thursday, February 09, 2006

Know what? I don't believe him.

Bush Says Cooperation Thwarted 2002 Attack

Really. I don't believe him. Mr. "look at how great we are" would have been shouting this to the rooftops during the elections if this was true. But no. He's tanking in the polls. His incompetence is being trumpeted from both sides. And all of a sudden, boing! He's stopped a terrorist plot. Yup. Couldn't stop the one when he was told "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.". Couldn't be bothered to do a thing about that one. But all of a sudden he's all over it.
No. I don't believe this at all.


Demeur said...

Chimpy couldn't manage his way out of a closet without Karl Rove instructing him on how to turn the door knob.

Chuck said...

First and foremost, he's a LIAR.

shayera said...

Villaraigosa, who wasn't the mayor at the time, came out today and said that they didn't know anything about this before this morning's dramatic announcement. It's bullshit.

I was actually 4 floors under Library Tower on 9/12/01. At which time everybody kept repeating over and over, "this is the tallest building west of the Mississippi." Yeah, I was ready for them to shut up!

Demeur said...

If this doesn't want to make you throw up I don't know what will. Seems ole hot tub Tom is back.

shayera said...

Yup. Two nice, plum committees for an indited criminal. Sure looks like Repubs are serious about reform, doesn't it!

t said...

The McLaughlin Report said that:
1. The plot never got out of the talking stages, and
2. Bush is making it appear as though telephone surveilance stopped it, showing how important it is to spy on everyone. But the spying had nothing to do with it, Malaysia helped stop it.