Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wow. How very gracious of his Excellency!

Cheney to Break Silence in Fox Interview

Wow. Shoots a man in the face and goes on Fox to explain what happened.
Simply unbelievable.
We say it all the time, but can you imagine what would have happened had it been a Democratic Vice President who had shot a man? He would be in jail.
But Dick "dick" "i shot a man in the face" Cheney gets to call the shots.

Hey! Whittington daughters! Pay attention to this crap. Your father took a load of shot to the face, had a heart attack and is the one being blamed to this.
Don't you think it's time to start fighting back? Don't you have a right to speak out for your father? You know. The guy that's in INTENSIVE CARE!


t said...

A story I read today said Cheney explained,

"We really didn't know until Sunday morning that Harry was probably going to be OK, that it looked like there hadn't been any serious damage to any vital organ," he (Cheney) said in an interview with Brit Hume. "And that's when we began the process of notifying the press."

What the hell does THAT mean?
If they determined he wasn't going to be OK, that they were going to hush it up or make up a story?

t said...

Another thing...
I was watching CNN yesterday and they were reading emails on the subject.
An email signed by a group of High School students from State College, Pennsylvania said Cheney didn't need to let the public know about the shooting, as
"he has a right to privacy".

Since when does ANYONE who has shot someone - either on purpose or accidently - have a right to privacy? Don't you think at least one person in the group would've thought this out and said ", this isn't right."

shayera said...

I know! It's ridiculous. Cheney should be in jail. HE SHOT A MAN! Jokes are easy. God knows I've made tons of them myself this week. But it's a horrible thing he's done. And I, for one, want him to be punished. Harshly.