Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Government may waive near $7 bln in oil, gas royalties: report

Billions of dollars owed to the U.S. government by gigantic oil companies who made obscene profits last year and Georgie boy says forget about it?!?!
Impeach him now. NOW!!!


t said...
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t said...

(My previous comment had too many mistakes, so I erased it)

The bastards, all of them.
Well, it's not done yet.
Hopefully, it won't be.

I can't believe Johnnie M. Burton, director of the federal Minerals Management Service, actually invented an explanation for this.
Think of what could've been done for the American people with $7 billion.

shayera said...

I'm amazed almost everyday at how nakedly the administration gives away loads of money to the rich and corporations almost everyday. And we just let it happen. We've got no power.