Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm at a loss for words.

Black Pride Poem Ignites Controversy in Westchester

What. On. Earth. Is. Wrong. With. These. People?
Sure, Westchester is not exactly a bastion of racial tolerance and harmony, but to threaten to ban a SEVEN year old because her words weren't "inclusive of white people?" Are these adults insane? And how DARE the administration make "apologetic phone calls?"
I guess freedom of speech only goes so far in Westchester.


Demeur said...

Maybe the problem here is that her parents actually taught her to think for herself, something the public schools frown on.
You can chime in on this one t any time now.

shayera said...

Yup, it's all that free thinking.
Don't they know that'll never get you anywhere!
While I'm not a fan of homeschooling (we have a lot of very seriously fundie homeschoolers who take advantage of my branch), this young girl's father seems to have done a wonderful job with her. What an embarrassment those complaining adults are.

Demeur said...

Here's something to make your day. Bush's poll numbers are at 33% and seemingly going down. Don't you just love it.

Thanks to Don at Blah3.

shayera said...

Yup, the latest Pew's got him at 33%.
23% can't be that far away.

t said...

I got on this one kinda late, but're right.
Seems like any kid who shows some imagination is thought of in the public schools as mentally retarded.