Tuesday, March 14, 2006

my manifesto

George Bush is an unpopular President.

There I’ve said it.

His highest poll rating anywhere is 38%.

38%. That’s it.

So why are Democrats so afraid to call him out?
I just don’t understand it. What is it that they have to lose?
The respect of the American people? Believe me, at this rate, Democrats are not gaining anyone’s respect.

And why should people look up to them? What have they done for us, the people, lately?
With an exception of a very notable few: Barbara Boxer, Louise Slaughter, John Conyers, Russ Feingold, John Murtha, and yes, even John Kerry, not one Democrat will voice one word of opposition to Bush’s idiotic ideas.

Joe Lieberman and Henry Cueller will abandon Democrats at every opportunity to support Bush.

Dissent is not treason. Say it again. Dissent IS NOT treason.

It is not disloyal to criticize Bush. He is a horrible, awful, destructive President. It does not embolden “the enemy” to say this out loud.

Bush is the one responsible for the hatred directed towards this country. Five years ago Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda attacked this country. They were hiding in Afghanistan. Bush ordered our forces to go to Afghanistan. Too bad he didn’t send enough troops or, you know, finish the job. George and his group of sycophants decided to attack Iraq. A sovereign country. A country that never attacked us and had nothing to do with September 11th of al Qaeda.

It is your patriotic duty to fight for what is right. Stand up for those who can’t.

Ben Franklin said: “those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.” I am not willing to sacrifice either.

Congress and the President work for us. We are the true power in this country. And we have allowed ourselves to be pushed down and marginalized.

We have 8 months. That’s what we have left. 8 months.

It's a work in progress. But I'm going to be rewriting parts of it and sending it to every single Democrat in the Senate who did not support Russ Feingold.


t said...

What's preventing the Democrats from calling Bush out?
I don't have the answer, I don't know.
Maybe they're afraid of a backlash, afraid of supporters who have become leery running back to his defense out of sympathy.
Maybe Democrats running for election (or re-election) are keeping mum until we get closer to November so voters don't get tired of hearing all the negativism (and we ALL know that's Bush's entire record. He hasn't done one positive thing).
Sadly, that's the way many voters are. They'll vote for the upbeat guy.

shayera said...

I really hope that there is something brewing. I really do.
I'm planning on rewriting that and asking them to tell me why they caouldn't support Feingold. If I get any answers, I'll post them.