Thursday, March 23, 2006

a part of my childhood

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Kolkata tortoise, Clive's pet, dies at 250 years

Actually, not just mine, my parents and grandparents as well.


t said...

We were just talking about this a few minutes ago.
Isn't this unreal!!!
The pet of a mid-1700s British general in colonial India.
And it just died!
Just think of all the history that's happened since it was born.
How old were you when you saw this tortoise? Do you remember it well? I wonder who was the earliest of your ancestors who had seen it at the zoo (or elsewhere)?

shayera said...

I was a little girl, my family is from a city 159 miles from Calcutta, but we've got tons of family in Calcutta and we used to visit them often when we still lived in India.
I'm almost sure that there are pictures of my brother and I with the tortoise. He used to wander the grounds freely. If I can get my Dad to email them to me, I'll post them up. We were 2 and 3 at the time.
It's a totally wild bit of history to have a connection to.
I bet you my great grandparents on my Mom's side had seen him in the zoo.

t said...

If your Dad can find those pictures, I'd love to see them!