Monday, March 13, 2006

President Stupid flapping his lips again

Bush Calls on Iraqis to Embrace Compromise

My level of disgust with his sheer, rampant gall has reached it's apex. He is responsible for all the deaths in Iraq in the last 4 years. And now he wants there to be "compromise". What a complete asshat.


t said...

The article says he "urged patience among Americans and coalition allies as Iraqis work to form a new government."
And how many years has he been saying this?
If dozens weren't dying daily in Iraq, the fact he's been urging patience for years would be comical.
It's ironic that during both the 2000 and 2004 elections the states he won were shown in red.
The color of blood.

Demeur said...

Why bother even listening to this idiot? Let's focus on removing the chickenhawks from office in November. According to Blah3 the Dems have the advantage in the congressional elections so let's keep it that way.

shayera said...

I think they only taught him one speech. And then they play it relentlessly over and over again through his earpiece.

You're right, Demeur, he's not worth paying attention to. But since it seems like the Democrats are absolutely concentrating on shooting themselves in the foot for the moment, I was in the mood to mock Bush.

I was so furious when I saw that Kerry was the only Democrat willing to attach his name to Feingold's censure motion. Why are we such cowards?! Congressional Democrats threw Clinton under a bus for a blowjob. *Joe Lieberman* But when it comes to an illegal war, outing a noc agent, illegal wiretapping of American citizens, well, forget it. It's just fine and dandy with them.

Demeur said...

You have to remember that the Dems have no power in the congress or the senate right now. Anything they say is quashed by the neocon goose steppers so what can they do until the power hopefully shifts in Nov and believe me the rethugs would like nothing more than have us back a third party. That would assure them a victory. We need to do to them (the repugs) what they did to us i.e. quietly work power deals in the background and sneek up on them from left field come election time. We do have the power.

shayera said...

Right now, I'm not so hopeful. I know we've got no power. But it seems like they won't even make the attempt at any backroom actions.
Harry Reid shut down the Senate for one day. Who stood with him?
Russ Feingold brought a censure motion yesterday. Who stood with him?
Even a token gesture at this time would be a positive step.
But it fels like every time someone tries to bring the party together, others just try to hush them.
I guess I'm just a little frustrated right now. I'll get better.