Thursday, March 02, 2006

see, the thing is, he's going to lose.

Poll: Schwarzenegger Faces Tough Election

Ahnald has squandered all the good will any voters might have had towards to him. Not that I had any good will towards his political aspirations in the first place. And I'm going to be very happy working against his political fututre this year.
There have been plenty of commercials on tv already for Steve Westly and Phil Angelides. Both of them can beat Schwarzenegger.


Demeur said...

You did hear what the governator plans after he looses? Get this, pay per view caged womens' wrestling. If this be true it wouldn't surprise me.
Now if the rest of the nation would just get up and kick the majority of the republicans out of the house and senate, then maybe we can get on with the business of a real democracy.

shayera said...

I saw that in the news the other day. I'm as embarrassed by him as I am Bush.

t said...

This is true?
Doesn't that comment guarantee that he's washed up?
I mean, who is going to say,
"Oh...I voted for him because I think caged womens' wrestling is just so cool!"
Sounds like political suicide to me.
Of, you never know.

shayera said...

It's true.
Trust me, there are some such diehard repubs in this state. Orange County and San Deigo are full of idiots who will only vote for a repub.

Demeur said...

Just stumbled on some good news for you good folks down there in Ca. Seems somebody is going to roll over in the Duke Cunningham case. (Gee and I thought it was over silly me) For your reading pleasure: