Saturday, March 18, 2006

see, this is why McCain's not a "maverick outsider"

McCain Taps Former Bush Political Director

McCain wants to win. But not enough to really fight for it. He'll let Bush insult his wife and daughter and not say a word. He'll just let it go. And vote for Bush's policys constantly.


Demeur said...

News update. Bush's approval rate now at 29% according to a Newsweek poll via NBC nightly news.
Can he beat Nixon and go below 20 to 25%?

t said...

As Republicans go, I really want to like McCain.
But he wants to play both sides of the fence...and instead of pleasing lots of people, he's pleasing nearly no one.

shayera said...

I still can't understand why Democrats can't make a stand when they see the numbers falling the way they do. I know I call my Congressman and Senators all the time. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one calling.
But when it comes time to support someone who's spoken out, the retreat so cravenly.