Monday, March 20, 2006

there is no spoon

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Definitely not a watb!
He's definitely a liberal kid. Yesterday he tripped, fell down, hit his head and got dirt in his mouth and didn't cry.

How to spot a baby conservative


t said...

Isn't that a great photo! And he's getting so big!

Damn! I was just going to tell you about the baby conservative story and you already put the link here on this posting!!! And you already know about it! Isn't that study funny (and enlightening)!
I was a whiny kid. And I was conservative. Until I hit about 25 years old.
Around that age I learned how badly uninfluential, disadvantaged and poor people were treated by the rich, how dirty our environment was getting and how conservative policies in general were ruining our country.

My wife just found this a few days ago:
I believe it's the unedited version of whats-his-face's State of the Union address.

It's - at the same time - both funny and scary.

shayera said...

I love that story. Did you know there was a similar report published about 3 years ago? And the researchers had their study questioned and their funding audited because of the results.
I was kind of a whiny teen, but I've always been liberal.

Zephyr's growing up so fast. This weekend, when I went over, he came running to me, arms stretched out. And he's really vocal. He "talked" to me the whole time I was there. And every now and then it's possible to pick out actual words. He's a complete joy.

isabelita said...

Is he your child? He's absolutely beautiful!
Our son is now 24 years old, but seeing this photo brought back memories.
(Um, ours WAS kind of a gripy soul, but he's grown up just fine.)

shayera said...

Thank you. He's my nephew, my brother's son. But he's my heart.