Monday, March 13, 2006

Turns out, I really am this cynical

Former Bush Advisor's Arrest Makes Headlines

Here's a link to today's (3/10/06) All Things Considered. Michele Norris is interviewing a reporter from the Washington Post regarding the story about Claude Allen, the former Bush staffer who was arrested for fraud. Turns out he has a twin brother. And, guess what! The twin brother's the "bad" one.
Can they possibly be laying groundwork to pull a "mistaken for the bad twin" defense? I'm so jaded these days that I absolutely think this is what they're trying to do.


t said...

Holy crap.
This reminds me of a Simpsons Halloween special.
Bart had a twin brother they kept hidden in the attic. It turned out he was the GOOD one and the one living with the family all these years was the evil twin!

shayera said...

It is to laugh. And of course, righties are absolutely jumping on it. I'm wondering how they're going to survive the fact that he actually admitted that it was in fact, Claude not Floyd that got arrested.