Friday, March 31, 2006

what is wrong with this guy?

Dodgeball Game Leads to Assault Charges

A youth minister. Punches and kicks a kid. What is wrong with this freak?
We've all been hit in the head during dodgeball. The boy apologized, but this "minister" felt it was appropriate to knock the boy to the ground and, when he got back up, to kick him in the groin hard enough that there was blood in his urine.


t said...

I hope the boy's family sues his frickin' ass.
You've gotta watch some clergy. They put on the nicey-nicey act for everyone to watch 99% of the time, then flip like this one did.
I may sound like I'm overreacting with my anger, but this is a man of the cloth, for heavens' sake! A guy that's not supposed to get violent. You know...forgive and forget?

shayera said...

Oh T, I am totally on your side with the anger. I can't believe that he thought that was in any way an appropriate response. Completely dumbfounding and infuriating.