Wednesday, April 12, 2006

McClellan has got to set down from his job.

McClellan: Media Should “Publicly Apologize” For Reporting On Mobile Weapons Lab Story

McClellan's demanding an apology from the paper because they had the sheer gall to actually print the truth.
What a useless man.


t said...

I expect nothing better from this administration.
Back before the invasion, when Hussein said he had no WMDs, I had this feeling he was telling the truth for the first time.
Then when Colin Powell spoke before the U.N. Security Council and demonstrated where the trailers that had the WMDs were and where they were moved to, I thought "Why in the hell didn't they just send men in to confiscate the damned things as soon as they got the photos???"
There was something so very, very wrong about the whole thing.
There were others who felt like me and posted an email address to email the U.N. Security Council. I did, even though I'm sure no one ever saw it...along with thousands of others. I'm sure they got deleted along with spam. Who at the U.N. is going to read email from a peon?
I don't know when I've felt so helpless. My gut told me that invading was wrong, that they'd NEVER find WMDs that didn't exist, and there was nothing anybody like me could do about it.
Everything has gone just the way I was afraid it would.

shayera said...

Some times I stop and think, "you know, if you took all the very worst dreams you could have about government and put them together, I still don't think you could approach the reality of what this bunch has done."
It really seems to get worse every day!