Tuesday, April 11, 2006

totally forgot to pay attention to this!

Summer gas prices on the rise

I drove by the gas station yesterday, and the cheapest was $2.88! And that's at the inexpensive gas station!
And on a related note, I took my car to get it smog checked last Friday, as required here in California, and the guy told me my gas cap wasn't holding pressure. So we replaced it for about $6. And he said it would improve gas mileage.
I usually have to fill every other week or so, and have totally not been paying attention to the gradual rise in price.


Demeur said...

Gas up here in Wa is $2.65 and rising for the cheapest. My concern is what it will do for other things like food.
Looks like all those wonderful tax cuts are going right back into Bush's pocket aka Thugco Oil Inc.

shayera said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing last night when I was making my grocery list for the week.
And down here, the change in the price of food is noticable when it happens.
This summer is going to be tough for a lot of people.

t said...

The PCV valve on my wife's car was bad and I just replaced it. I found out through the check engine warning light.
Her gas mileage was getting worse and worse. I'm hoping that did it. It definitely runs better.

shayera said...

I was wondering what the outcome was with your trip to the mechanic and all.

I paid $3.02 this morning.

t said...

The mechanic diagnosed the problem and wanted another $65 to fix it. I was very surprised to find a dime-size hole rotted through on the back of the hose that went to the PCV valve, as that creates a vacuum leak. But the car still ran smoothly. The car's computer must've compensated for it or something.
I fixed it for less than $10.