Thursday, April 27, 2006

what patronizing bastards

Lawmakers Scramble to Ease Gas-Price Pain

$100. Uh, that means absolutely nothing, okay? I baiscally drive back and forth from work. Even when I go to the store, it's on my way to work or on my way home from work. And I have a small car. $100 would not even fill my car three times at today's rates.


Demeur said...

This is a really sneeky way of giving Big oil another mass of money. Here's the basic facts in a nutshell. There's about 10 billion barrels of oil in ANWR. The GOP wants to take back the $11 billion tax breaks to oil cos. and in return letting them drill in ANWR. At $75 per barrel that would be $750 billion. Would you trade $11 for $750? I believe the expression is "trading nickels for dimes". In this case it's trading nickels for dollars.

t said...

Very smart calculating on your part, Demeur.

t said...

...and I, for one, would gladly sacrifice my $100 to keep the ANWR!
Anyway, as Shayera says, getting $100 back is nothing these days.

shayera said...

NTodd says he's going to send his $100 to the DNC. And i'm thinking it's a good idea.