Monday, April 03, 2006

wow. he must really be in trouble.

Officials: DeLay Won't Seek Re-Election

I'm honestly amazed by this. How much trouble is he in, that he's willing to give up Congress?


t said...

Oh, don't you know?
He's doing this "to assure that a Republican gets his congressional seat" instead of jeopardizing it with his own re-election bid!

Yeah, with all of the other Republican scandals going on, that's sure to work...right?

shayera said...

Yeah. I wrote that post Monday night before he started spreading all the manure around.

My Mom called last night to ask me why I hadn't called them to join the celebrating. Funny.

Demeur said...

From what I've read Delay and his cronies did a nice job of redistricting down in Texas to prevent the Dems from gaining power. Just hope his conviction comes around election time down there.
In other news here's some more fuel for your republican morality post below. I'm assuming this guy from DHS is a republican as most of the higher ups have been hand picked by Bushco.