Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gee, ya think?

Some Worry Border Plan Will Overtax Guard

You mean those guys who've been forced to do three and four tours in Iraq? Those guys?

President Bobblehead has abused the National Guard. And now, in order to try ans score some points with the racist zenophobes, he's going to abuse them some more.


demeur said...

He's worried about "tearrists"? Then he's guarding the wrong border. There's more potential "tearrists" in Canada than Mexico. And I hear the guardsman will not be equipped with ammunition. What are they going to do yell out "Stop or I'll yell out stop again!"

shayera said...

Exactly. There's way more unguarded border between Canada and the States. And most of it isn't too difficult to cross.
But Bobblehead will continue to terrorise the poor brown people.
He's really abusing the Guard. They can't be treated like this.