Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hey look! once again, the officers "knew nothing", it was the soldiers themselves.

Lawyer: 3 officers not part of probe

I can not bring myself to believe that once again an evil has been perpetrated and that the officers knew nothing about it. Our military men and women are being thrown away by the higher ups.


demeur said...

Sorry but I do not believe this. Soldiers don't do anything without orders or direction. Just listened to a former GI call into Air America and say that troops don't go the the bathroom without permission.

shayera said...

Exactly. Randi says it every day. Soldiers don't do a thing without orders from above.
Bush and the civilian military leadership are lying to cover their own asses.
Did you notice that the "inquiry" has already decided that there was no massace at the second site? Uh huh. Sure.