Thursday, May 04, 2006

I see demanding the truth is now referred to as "heckling" by the media.

Rumsfeld Heckled by Former CIA Analyst

What cowards and traitors this adminstration is. Rumsfeld is a huge liar.


t said...

I was thinking the same thing.
I'm always shocked when I hear that security starts dragging these people away the moment they open their mouth to Rumsfeld (or Bush or Cheney or Rice).
Why? They aren't armed with a weapon or anything. If Rumsfeld can't bear hearing what they have to say, he should resign and let someone who isn't a coward do it.
Maybe that person would actually start bringing Americans home.

I'm surprised that Rumsfeld actually let a vocal American stay for a while. Maybe a minute or two, huh?

shayera said...

Yeah, I saw the part where it said that security was descending on the guy. And of course, the smear machine is gearing up.

t said...

Not long after I left my first comment, I saw a report and clip of it on CNN.
That former CIA analyst really let Rumsfeld have it! He really knew his stuff and I'm really proud of that guy! Obviously, so was CNN as they interviewed him later.
That was really a brave thing he did and he pinned Rumsfeld in a corner that he really couldn't get out of, except to lie his way out.
Rumsfeld looked pretty shaken afterwards.