Tuesday, May 30, 2006

so what? i get cookies from patrons. doesn't mean i cancel their fines for them.

AP: Sen. Reid accepted free boxing tickets

Seriously. So what if he took the tickets? It's not against any rules. And it's not as if he voted against the very legislation he introduced.
I've heard a story about when Reid was a prosecutor and was offered a bribe, first thing he did was call the FBI and get wired up. Then, when the bribe was reoffered, he got so enraged that he started beating the man offering the bribe about the head. The FBI agents had to pull him off.
This article is a hackjob, useless, worthless attack. The writer is pathetic. No other word describes his feeble and unworthy attack.


demeur said...

Actually they weren't tickets they were credentials that are given to governers and other vips. These credentials have no value in that they can not be sold. Thanks to dedalus over at Blah 3 for this bit.

shayera said...

Yup, I saw the actual true part of the story, where the guy who gave them the tickets said that he couldn't be repaid for the tickets, as they had no monetary value.
But that guy at the AP is doing his best smear job on Reid.