Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another piece of our rights chipped away.

High Court backs police no-knock searches

George's Supreme Court performing just as demanded.
First they decided that they could sell your house if they wanted the land. Now they decide that police can come in without knocking if they have a warrant.
Tell me again about the amendment guaranteeing no unreasonable searches.
Those days are disappearing into a misty past.


demeur said...

This is not a good thing. Anyone having their door kicked in will think this is a home invasion robbery and start shooting. Wouldn't you? Note to police you'd better announce your presence or you know what can happen in these situations.

shayera said...

The first thing I thought about was the guy who opened fire when the police broke into his house. He was totally innocent of anything, in fact, i think the police had the wrong house. And he ended up shooting a policeman.

Chuck said...

How did I miss this???