Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Best way to make money for doing nothing? Be a Congressperson.

Your congressman just got a raise

Let's see, where to start with the horror that is this one?
Let's talk about the minimum wage. $5.15 an hour. When was it last increased?
Did you know that this is the SEVENTH straight cost of living increase the Congress has voted itself?
Let's talk about days worked. According to stories I've read before, this will be the shortest serving Congress, due to the inordinate number of holidays they've given themselves.
Your Congressperson and my Congressperson just gave themselves a $3,300.00 raise. They now make $168,500.00 annually.


t said...

I don't like it, either, but professional sports stars are the really obscene ones, some at $25 million/year.
Congresspeople know better, though. Many of the people who put them in power make $5.15/hour. Only in the USA can you vote to give someone a job to make $160,000 more than you.

shayera said...

See, I don't disagree with you about actors and athletes being paid obscene amounts of money. I think it's both wrong and crazy.

But they aren't being paid with your money and my money. Congresscreeps are.

demeur said...

I wonder if the millions of people in this country who work for minimum wage would like to get together and petition congress for the 32% cost of living raises they have been screwed out of by the government for the last decade?

shayera said...

I know I'd like them to get together and rise up. But will they? No.
My contempt for Congress is going by the day.