Thursday, June 29, 2006


House vote slaps news organizations

Seriously. People are literally dying because the Congress has refused to live up to its responsibilites. And this piece of garbagey shit is what Republicans waste their time on.
What a bunch of failures.


demeur said...

Do these republican clowns in congress bother to even listen to their own intelligence agencies? It has been known for some time that radical groups fund their activities in ways that are not easily traced. And boy George spilled the beans on this just after 911.

Chuck said...

There's a word that just needs omitted from our language: CONSTITUENTS.

Good post Shayera.

Hey, btw- when you get a chance, can you change my link to my "Part 2"?


shayera said...

Demeur, exactly. SWIFT was not a secret program. It had it's own website and magazine for God's sake!

Chuck, done! And I'd even been your new link. Sorry about the delay.