Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Slow news, busy work day today.

Sorry. I'm waiting for the polls to close tonight here in California. Went and voted first thing.
Busy at work all day. I've got meetings tomorrow and then I'm off to Las Vegas for YearlyKos. Did I mention before that I was going? Can't remember. I'll be away from my computer, obviously. But I'm taking my camera and plan to get lots of pictures.


--mf said...


What's the link for the CA elections results...

We'll post it to Blah3, and play the Home Game!

THANK YOU for carpooling your neighbors to the polls... There is something SO special, and SO rewarding about doing the GOOD duty, for one's state and Country.

You ROCK, Sister!


shayera said...

Thanks Tony!
I left the link at Blah3.

Mark H said...

Been watching yearlykos on c-span. Man, I wish I was there. Let us know all the details.

jilal said...

You have a nice blog here keep it up

demeur said...

You lucky dog. I caught some of the reports and pictures from the event, but have been scanning various stories. Hope all of you out there get some pleasure from the following article:


Seems New Hampshire is joining 9 other states calling for Bush's impeachment. For those who don't know this is a way to get around Bush's executive power to actually get something accomplished. If enough states pass resolutions then this issue must be brought up to the house and senate. No saying "we're invoking executive privlage" or national security or any other BS they might come up with. Should be interesting.