Monday, June 12, 2006

some quick YearlyKos thoughts

1. Man, were the people there the nicest! Hyperbolic Pants Explosion, Fabooj, Elise, Whitney, Hekebolos, thereisnospoon, reality bites back, thekk, Jay, Aheela, Dan, Tom, Larry, Tack and so many others! And I finally got to meet skippy! I looked for him all weekend and he found me on Sunday.

2. And smart! Very smart. Dedicated and earnest and so well thought out.

3. There were some total "rock stars" of blogging, Atrios, Jane Hamsher, David Sirota, Chris Bowers, Matt Stoller, to name just a few. And they were so nice to everyone. And I was way too shy to say anything to any of them.

4. Joe Wilson is amazingly generous. He shook hands and talked to absolutely everyone. And hung around before and after his panel.

5. Maybe next year the name tags can have our names (or handles) in much bigger letters. By the end of the weekend we were all used to the squint name check, but bigger would be better.
It was such a blast to meet people and hear them say, "I'm so and so, but I blog as ..." and meeting people whose writings I really enjoy. As someone who shall remain anonymous said to me, "I blew off an actual celebrity to find actual bloggers."

6. The panels I listened to were really interesting. And there's no way I can summarize them. Other than to say, those who spoke are very dedicated to their causes.

More to come as I finish processing.

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