Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wait. What?!

Rice: No guarantees on Iraq, Afghanistan

Didn't our soldiers get sent into this war "in order to promote democracy"? Wasn't that one of the lies that George and his friends forced down our throats? And now Condi's telling us it might not happen?
You know how I always say it was about the oil? Yeah, I really mean it.


t said...

January 2003:
The Bush administration, if they all had been given truth serum, saying the stuff they knew then or knew would happen, but they haven't said until recently:
"Well, there aren't any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but we want to invade anyway to take out this dictator. By June 2006 we'll kill 100,000 Iraqis and lose 3,000 troops in the process - the same number of lives lost in 9/11 from a terrorist we're not seriously looking for. We'll try to build a democracy to Iraq, but there's a good chance it'll never happen."

Keep in mind that this isn't even everything!
How badly would Bush have been defeated in 2004, provided the election wasn't rigged?

t said...
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shayera said...

You know what I always say. There's sure to be more lies a coming.