Tuesday, June 27, 2006

whatever FBI. You big, stupid bullies

Feds drop request for library records

I love this line: Federal authorities have dropped their demand for records from a library computer, but not without warning the librarians who refused to release them that under other circumstances their failure to cooperate "could have increased the danger of terrorists succeeding."

Please. If they really had anything, they would have brought the case. The FBI is trying to make it seem as if the librarians are actively proterrorist. Which is bullshit. Make you case FBI. Or shut up. Don't think you'll get away with being a bully.


demeur said...

Yea let's look at the facts about how Al Qeda operates and this is now common knowledge! They don't use the internet for important messages they use courriers. They don't use sattelite cell phones. They don't use regular banks for money transfers. They use a money transfer system that leaves no paper trail. All of this information has been out there for some years now. All you had to do is connect the dots!

shayera said...

As we've seen so very clearly lately, the administration and its lackeys will just simply keep lying about everything. I really do find it so ridiculous that they just keep getting away with the crap they do.