Friday, June 23, 2006


Snow: Tracking program doesn't invade privacy

Here's my view. If you are tracking anything I'm doing without my knowledge, it's an invasion of my privacy. The "terrorism terrorism" argument just does not hold true.


Chuck said...

Well said Shayera. I totally agree with you.

Hey- I popped in here last night to see a whole new template & now its gone. Did you change your mind?

shayera said...

No. Well, sort of. I really like the template. But I have to figure out how to host the images on my own, without hogging the other guy's server. Once I do that, it might be back.

demeur said...

Sorry I missed the new format. My connection was running goofy. Thought I'd throw this one at you. Sure glad this hasn't been shoved to the back burner:

The saga of Jack continues. Who says you don't know Jack?

shayera said...

Hi Demeur, I saw that report when I came in last night. But I was too tired to write it up. It keeps amazing me that the Republicans seem to think they are so inviolable.

The new look should be coming. I just have to become a little more tech savvy. So I got a Dummies book.

Chuck said...


I host all of my pictures at photobucket. Its free. :)