Wednesday, August 30, 2006

she really can not run.

Rice keeps saying no to White House bid

Rice is tainted goods. Her tenure as Secretary of State is proving to be a disaster. What kind of a Secretary of State refuses to engage in shuttle diplomacy between warring factions? What kind of Secretary of State goes shoe shopping and to a Broadway musical while one of the nation's greatest cities drowns? Answer: one who can never run for President.


Karen Scott said...

Wasn't it Nero who played the fiddle while Rome burned? *g*

OK, I couldn't resist.

I feel kinda sorry for Condi, I always think she's gotten way over her head, and she doesn't seem to know her arse from her elbow these days.

shayera said...

Condi played piano while the rest of the world burned. *g*

I used to pity her. And then I saw her in front of the 9/11 Committee. And saw her trying to downplay the August 6th PDB. She's so busy covering up for old George that's she's toxic.

farang said...

What kind?

The kind that has the republican msm in her pocket, that kind.

shayera said...

Ture. Did you hear this morning's? It was basically "Democrats are pro-slavery."
There's a weird stream of Republican rudeness for the last few weeks, from Rumsfeld, to Bush, to Rice, to ABC with their support for that awful miniseries.