Sunday, August 27, 2006

wow, that's pretty damn stupid.

Taller people are smarter: study

What complete stupidity. People actually waste time researching a connection between height and intelligence? I'm not about to go waving around my smart credentials, but needless to say, I consider myself quite as intelligent as the "tall" people around me. And I'm 5'3". So, short by the standards of this study.


demeur said...

Here's a list of some famous short people. I'm sure some of these will surprise you:

shayera said...

Demeur, thanks for the list.
There's actually quite a twinge of implied racism in this study as well. After all, Asians aren't exactly the tallest of people in the world are they? So we're supposed to believe that the glorious, tall Teutonics are all smarter than the tiny Asians.
Yeah, I'm rejecting that notion.

farang said...

I once read an article that spoke of a study that alleged that in corporate promotions, invariably the tallest candidate was the one receiving the job.


Yes, those brilliant tall folk, like G.H.W. Bush "I have trouble with that vision thing", and his evil spawn.

shayera said...

Yeah, tall people seem to be getting lots of favorable press. Too bad so many of them are jerks.