Friday, September 01, 2006

crazy talk from "the nation's top educator"

Spellings: Little change needed in No Child Left Behind

Wow. How far up Bush's ass is Margaret Spelling's head? Is she really stupid enough to believe "no child left behind" is a success?
As someone who deals with students every single day, I can definitely say that nclb is a failure. Kids aren't learning anything. All they're being taught is how to pass tests. And studies are showing that American students are lagging dangerously behind students in the rest of the world. If the trends continue, I'm pretty sure we'll start seeing a "brain drain" here in this country, as our brightest students leave to get quality educations elsewhere.


demeur said...

From reading the blogs of students all over the world I must say they are miles ahead of our outdated system. Maybe it's time to take a trip over there and find out what they are doing right.

shayera said...

You know, I don't really think it's something new. Even when I was in school, my cousins in India were starting subjects well before we did. And with a much wider world view than we in the US. By the time I got out of College, it had evened up. But these days I see our educational standards falling so far behind.