Wednesday, September 06, 2006

For the first time, I am scared.

Most of you know that I’m a pretty optimistic person. One generally given to looking on the bright side of life.
But for the first time, I am scared.

Last week, in front of the American Legion the Secretary of Defense conflated people who dissent against the policies of the White House of being Nazi appeasers.

Yesterday, the Secretary of State gave an interview where she conflated people who want to pull out of Iraq (Democrats) with people who wanted to stop fighting the Civil War when things were going bad for the Union. Basically saying Democrats were pro-slavery.

The President of the United States, who, contrary to his seeming preferences, is supposed to represent the entire country, admitted this morning that the CIA has been running secret prisons. Aren’t those illegal? Will anyone be questioning him on this? He continues to insist that it is perfectly legal for him to authorize wiretaps on American citizens without a warrant and without having to present any proof of guilt.

One of the five major television networks is planning on airing a two part “docudrama” written and directed by an avowed right-wing activist. It’s supposed to be based on the 9/11 Commission Report. But it has completely made up scenes in it. Scenes that blame Bill Clinton and his Democratic white House for allowing Bin Laden to get away. And ignore the actual, documented behavior of George Bush. ABC has sent copies of the movie to right-wing bloggers and other right-wing propagandists. But refuse to send it to left-wing bloggers. Or to Bill Clinton.

What. On Earth. Is going on?

I realize that democrats are the minority party in the government. For the moment. But the majority of the Country doesn’t support the war.
Democrats are not going to be in the minority forever. In fact, odds are, come 63 days from now, Democrats are going to retake at least one house of Congress.

But for the moment, we are being attacked. On many fronts. Dissent is not treason. Dissent is not appeasement. We have the right and the responsibility to speak out.
When did it become open season on us? Why does it seem to be okay to demonize those of us who disagree?
We are not wrong. And we have the right to speak and be heard.


NYMary said...

Shayera, I'm scared too. No words of wisdom, just company for you.

shayera said...

Thanks NYMary. I appreciate the support. I'm flabergasted by the news these days. How can Repubs keep getting away with demonizing us as they are? It's amazing me that they are constantly getting away with it.