Monday, September 25, 2006

Today's Must Watch Olbermann Special Comment

Olbermann’s Special Comment: Are YOURS the actions of a true American?

Keith Olbermann is the voice and conscience of us. He is a must not miss every night. Today's Special Comment is fabulous. A total slapdown of a do nothing Bush.


demeur said...

Just saw a bumper sticker on my way home that sums things up nicely: "Bush tough as a rock and even dumber."

shayera said...

That's a great sticker.
I was in Houston last week, visiting my parents, (which would explain why nothing was going on here) and I noticed a far fewer distribution of proBush stickers than ever before.
A little reassuring to me.

cookie jill said...

ah...yes. Keith Olbermann. "my future husband!" ;-)

Chuck said...

That was the best on-air commentary I have ever seen!