Friday, September 15, 2006

wow. talk about an inappropriate question!

MN-05: Debate Moderator Asks Muslim Ellison Whether He Associates With Terrorists

What sort of a debate moderator is this? Let's talk about the complete inappropraiteness of asking this question!
The Republican candidate Alan Fine, has been attempting to imply that Ellison has terrorist ties, but this is really unbelievable. Both Fine and Gary Eichten, the moderator owe Ellison an apology. A public one.


ntodd said...

Well, you can't very well have a member of the Mohammedan Menace in the Hallowed Halls of Congress without doing an extensive background check, Will of the Constituents be damned!

demeur said...

Well if anyone would bother to do their homework on this one they'd know that the black muslims have no association with the other muslim religion. There are some similarities i.e diet, refraining from alcohol etc, but more importantly black muslims are opposed to war. Remember Mohamad Ali?

shayera said...

You know Repugs. All they want to do is slime. Ellison seems to be a really great candidate and Fine is scared out of his mind to lose his job. It's so disgusting that they are resorting to attempting to tar Ellison because of his religious beliefs.