Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another not a surprise

Biggest U.S. cities not ready to evacuate: study

After Zephyr was born, my sister in law came up with a family disaster plan. I think we're better prepared than most who live in this city.


Chuck said...

Always go against the crowd. ;)

shayera said...

Somebody's got to be a grown up, don't you know.

demeur said...

I thought I was prepared until I saw a documentary on the Discovery channel. I'll be headed in for some formal disaster training next month. I'll keep you posted on this. Remember earthquakes give no warning.

shayera said...

Demeur, I'm relying on you to be the most disaster prepared of all of us!
We've haven't had any quakes in quite a long time. The consensus is that there's a big one coming very soon.