Thursday, October 19, 2006

Because she doesn't have any right to do so.

Rice: Won't coerce allies on N. Korea

Sure, it probably would be better if North Korea didn't have nuclear weapons. But Rice sure doesn't have the right to force our allies to do things as the Administration wants. Bush and Rice do not control the world. There is still free will in the world.


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demeur said...

Sneeky way to put spam on your site Shayera, ja?

shayera said...

lol. that's exactly what i was thinking.

t said...

Well, she's going to have to leave our allies free to do what they think is best. She can talk to them 'til she's blue in the face, but in the end they make their own decisions. That's what freedom is all about.
What's she gonna do, impose sanctions to allies that don't impose sanctions?

It's looking more and more like we have China to thank here. I just read that since becoming an economic superpower, China really favors stability in the region.
Good news for everybody.

shayera said...

Worst Secretary of State. Worse than Lying to get us into a war Powell.